Month: July 2021

What Is The Ideal Water Pressure?

 at the same time, that one load of water is getting shared between them. However, if that is not the problem and your water pressure always seems to be low, there are a few things that it could be: Outdated Fixtures If you notice that your water pressure is low in only a few of […]


Is Borehole Water Safe To Drink?

Boreholes allow businesses or homes to access a 20,000 litre per day private water supply with no restrictions and no costs. A lot of companies such as farms, hotels or golf courses will use a lot of water each day, making a borehole a much more affordable option in the long run. Although all of […]


Is It Worth Installing a Borehole?

Contaminated water and lack of water supply are just a couple of issues you may experience when you get your water from a mains source. The mains water supply is basically wastewater that goes through a cleaning process and then redistributed to people all over the country.  Boreholes, on the other hand, work as a […]