Is It Worth Installing a Borehole?

Contaminated water and lack of water supply are just a couple of issues you may experience when you get your water from a mains source. The mains water supply is basically wastewater that goes through a cleaning process and then redistributed to people all over the country. 

Boreholes, on the other hand, work as a private water supply, the water is extracted straight from the ground ensuring it is not contaminated and if there are any issues with the water supply, you are able to fix it right away without being left for days without water.

This post goes over whether switching to a private supply of water with a borehole is worth it.

Are They Expensive?

The big question that everyone wonders is how much this system will cost to install?

There is no denying that installing a borehole is going to be expensive due to the complexity of the project which must be done by a professional that has access to high tech equipment. However, it does provide a great return on investment due to it costing absolutely nothing to run if you use under 20,000 litres per day. 

So the answer to this question is, yes, it is initially expensive but if you are in need of a lot of water on a daily basis then this could actually end up saving you money in the long run.

Are Boreholes Just For Businesses?

If you are a single household looking to replace your mains water source with a borehole, this may not be the most cost-effective solution. On average a house uses 350 litres of water per day which isn’t that much and would only cost you a few hundred pounds per year anyways.

However, if you are a developer for a bunch of new builds, for example, adding a borehole could be an amazing selling point once the houses are built. Of course, boreholes are most commonly for businesses that use a lot of water on a daily basis like farmers for example.

How Good is The Water Quality?

When compared to mains water supplies, the water that is extracted by a borehole is of much better quality. Borehole water is rich in minerals that are naturally occurring compared to mains water which has a lot of man-made chemicals in it. This is because borehole water is fresh and extracted from the earth but mains water is recycled water that goes down drains and has been cleaned so it is safe for human consumption.

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